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UK side hustle live poker performance - year 1 results and thoughts

UK side hustle live poker performance - year 1 results and thoughts
This is about 9 months out of date but I wrote this to help consider my results and then couldn't decide where to post it. Having recently got myself a Reddit account, this seems the place.
A little history:
When I was 20 I considered dropping out of Uni and becoming a poker player. I had earned £18K profit across the previous year, and that is a lot of money for a student! Especially in the UK, where because poker is classed as a game of luck there is no tax on the winnings of gambling, it felt more like £25K. A significant “salary” for any 20 year old.
Then I started looking at the data behind that and realised that I was averaging almost 70 hours a week grinding 6 tables simultaneously at small stakes to make that profit. In fact my income per hour was just £5.37. Not awful, but hardly worth dropping out of Uni. Suddenly that profit didn’t feel so great anymore.
I tried moving up in stakes, from $20 buy-in’s to $50 buy-in’s, but in a month I lost £3K. The next level contained professionals, and the UK Government can pretend all it wants, but when you’re playing many thousands of hands, skill starts to overcome the short term coin-flips and variances. It was brutal. It was humbling. I wasn’t good enough, simply put, to do it full time and make decent money… so I decided to focus on graduating.
When I was 30 I decided I would try a bit more seriously again, but in casinos. I’d played in casinos sporadically over those 10 years (actually ended up in one with the woman who is now my wife, after I “accidently” missed my last train home when I saw her in a London pub), and although I felt I was a profitable and solid player, you need to be mindful not to kid yourself. So I approached things systematically, recording data for 12 months to see what stood out and lessons I could learn.

The results are in!
· I am indeed profitable. The data told me I had made a total of £8,279 in profit.
· I am fairly consistent, achieving a winning session 53 times from 77 visits, or 69%.
· I played 337.75 hours, meaning an hourly profit of £24.51, or annualised a take-home salary of £48K after tax, which is £68K before.
· I earned on average 14 “big blinds” an hour, a key metric for cash game players. At small stakes, anything over 5 is respectable, over 10 is great. I’ve heard it said 80% of small stake players are loss making, which seems a bit high to me, but I can easily imagine 60% are.
Better still, my graph has very few swings. Interestingly though, I only had 2 amazing nights where I won >£1500, which probably means I played slightly too safe. I confess I did seek to minimise variance where possible, feeling that I was better than 80% of the players I was against, so I didn’t need to take 50-55% marginally favourable coinflips.

Now because my sessions were of different lengths, it’s not immediately obvious if a £100 profit is good or bad. I mean if I’ve played 4 hours, it’s average, 2 hours, it’s fantastic, and 8 hours, pretty meh.
So I took another look and blended the sessions instead across number of hands played, producing the below graph, showing a level of consistency I am genuinely proud of. Roughly speaking, I make £1 per hand played.

OK Great, but what did I learn from this? Data is lovely and all (as is £8K!), but really you want insight from that data you can action to improve performance.

Wait, I did better at larger stakes?
Well firstly, there are a few things I found counter intuitive. Take the below, which shows the stakes I played at. In theory, you earn less the higher your stakes go as competition increases, but I didn’t see that at all.

Playing at stakes 50% higher (£3 an “orbit” versus £2 an orbit – more significant than it might sound), my hourly was a whopping 600% higher. Put another way, I played just over twice as much £1/£2 as I did £1/£1, but made 13x as much profit! Surprising indeed, and massively unexpected.
I am planning on playing some £1/£3 and £2/£5 once I grow my bankroll this year, it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues, or if there’s something else going on not immediately obvious to me.

Day of the week – weekends are worse?!
Another unexpected development was found when looking at the days I was playing. I had expected that I’d be much better on Friday and Saturday when more amateurs would play and I’d be able to target them, but I found the opposite. Friday’s I made £2.47 an hour, Saturday’s £12.52, both way off my average, and across quite large sample sizes too (>55% of sessions between them).
Meanwhile Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday all had ~10%+ of sessions, but saw hourly profit doubling my averages. My best hourly is Sunday, although I have never lost money on a Wednesday, so a close call as to which is my best.

After reflecting on these trends I started to realise something. Poker is essentially a game of knowledge and imperfect information. A key part of that is “position” (where you sit in each hand), where being later to act means you have access to more information, and “ranges” (what hands your opponents are likely to have), where depending on the position somebody plays a hand in and how they play it, you can start putting them on a range of cards. Nobody sane would bet with 7 players to act behind them with 2 7 off-suit, literally the worse starting hand, for example.
More experienced players play more predictably, and I was much better at sparring with them because I have a good grasp of the fundamentals. I think my fairly conservative playing style is also more suited to regular players, as I tend to take fewer risks and so don’t punish mistakes as harshly.
Finally, my risk adverse approach also fooled regular players into thinking I had weaker hands than I did, so I was able to mess with their attempts to put me on a range. Likewise I tended to just call, and rarely raise, any hand I wanted to play pre-flop, so I could disguise my hand and out-play after the flop. Again this isn’t traditional at all, but many of my bigger pots came about this way.

Central casinos have easier competition

Less surprising was my split in where I made the most money. Tellingly, Empire and Hippodrome are based in central London and are tourist destinations. I find the competitors objectively worse than I am, as a whole. The Vic and Aspers are less central, with the consensus being that Aspers was the toughest £1/£2 in London, consisting almost entirely of regulars and semi-pro’s. I mean, who wants to go to East London as a tourist? There’s way more glitz and glamour in Leicester Square and so much more appealing. The Vic is West London so less extreme, but a similar situation, it’s pretty out the way compared to central two.

Length of session
Lastly, something that was unknown to me was that I would see such an obvious split in hourly profit based on the amount of hours I was playing in that session:

Here, we see a jump in profit after 4 hours, and really between 4-8 hours is my sweet spot, running at 50% more than my average. I think after I have played at the same table for 4+ hours, that I am observant enough to spot certain patterns. One of my favourite tricks is to identify regulars targeting tourists, and re raise them. You know their range will be wide to target the less good player, so you take advantage of them trying to take advantage. This is especially good if you have a good position (so act after them), so that if they do call you can play the hand with more information.
The drop-off at the end likely indicates that after 8 hours I start making bad decisions. Reviewing this, not only am I probably a bit tired, but I think those sessions I am on “winners tilt”, and I must be winning or else I wouldn’t be there after 8 hours. But when you’re up and doing well, you tend to play hands you shouldn’t and make bad decisions that cost you, it can feel like there’s less cost in getting it wrong because you’re still in profit, even though it can cost more in terms of £s. Once I became aware of this in myself, I started seeing it in others. There’s a regular at the Hippodrome who is a dangerous and good player, but becomes reckless and likes a gamble when they are up. If he has lots of chips, I always try and sit at his table, and look to get it in when I am a 60-80% favourite, and hope my luck holds.

What’s next?
I’ve taken 2 months away from the casino’s to make sure I don’t have a problem and focus on a work project, and I’m looking forward to starting this year on the 29th November. I suppose starting on a Friday isn’t ideal, but it aligns nicely with my wife’s office Xmas party, so oh well! That said, I will make sure I play the £1/£2 at the Hippodrome for 4-8 hours. As it will be a Friday I’ll look to punish mistakes more aggressively and make fewer assumptions about the other players and their cards if they seem less experienced.
Let’s see if I can take the lessons learned across this year, and drive further improvements to make more money, improving on my operational performance, the real purpose of data in my opinion.
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Dealing with the Grinding Mentality/Culture (Table Selection)

Bit of context: I play 1/2 £ nl at the Hippodrome and the Empire in leicester square in London. Right now I've been on a holiday skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria because I'm "nitty" when it comes to traveling experience and I have been playing 1/3 € nl hold'em at the Platinum Hotel/Casino which is virtually a 5 minute walk from the slopes. However, I cannot attribute the qualities in my approach to travel to my nl game. I normally try to play balanced but fall victim to invariably being one of the shorter stacks. Therefore, my predeliction to open up wider combined without the requisite bankroll to effectively give credence to my playing style often places me in tough spots with grinders who maintain a tight table image and then capitalize by playing a series of massive pre-flop moves after observing the action I like to give.
The point I am trying to make is that I don't want to get nittier, I love table talk and hate to play with grinders but don't have the capital means to effectively play in the style I don't want to give up. For example, I shipped it in with JJs vs KKs against this Ukranian grinder (Ukraine outlaws poker go figure) who happened to be playing PLO on his phone listening to what was probably UK grime music just because I don't have the patience to avoid seeing flops for orbits on end.
How can I better my table selection? How do I identify which grinders are TAGs and which are wannabes with 99+ ranges? What is the best approach to maintaing looser play and therefore having a more stimulating/fun time while not getting torched when a grinder starts to get TAG or begins opening wider?
Any tips?
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I Logged Into The Wrong Twitter Account (3)

I’m back. Sorry I didn’t answer many comments yesterday, but after the big reveal I got busy making a list of things that are different between my world and yours.
I will first try to answer some of the most pressing questions, and then I will try to share some more details.
If this is the first time you read me, here’s the abridged version of my story: I logged into my Twitter account but messed up the password, and spoke with my dead friend (part 1). Later, a strange void tried to consume me, and when I snapped out of it, the biggest terrorist attack in history had happened (part 2).
Don’t bother trying to look for it. The Leicester Square Massacre has apparently not happened in your side, because as it turns out, I’m not only logged into the wrong Twitter, but also the wrong Reddit.
So, let me tell you about the Leicester Square Massacre. As I mentioned earlier, it has been called the biggest terrorist attack in history and, at this point, I doubt that there’s any hyperbole there. Although the details are still a bit fuzzy, news outlets claim that the death toll is on the five figures.
What has transpired, and please take into account that all of this might be wrong, is that this dude who was upset by the whole Brexit situation had stored several bombs at several spots all across London, and yesterday in the early afternoon they all went off at around the same time... Harrods, Big Ben, the Eye… Some outlets claim there were as many as fifteen different locations.
In Leicester Square alone there were over six bombs that went off in less than ten seconds. They were set up to cause the most possible damage both to people and buildings, and after the explosions, the Empire Casino , the Odeon, and other buildings were reduced to rubble, trapping hundreds more.
Right now London is closed down. As it turns out, they never found the bomber, even after sharing his photo all over the news, so people are worried that there might be a second attack soon. We are all encouraged to stay home; airports are closed; roads are blocked with military controls; all the usual touristy areas are under heavy police surveillance…
Speaking of the bomber, edgeboy69 gave me the tip I needed. He was indeed the guy I had spoken to at the pub when looking for Chris. Fuck. Now I also have a stinging feeling that I might have been the thing that pushed him over the edge. I’ve tried very hard not to think about it, and I’ll go to the police after writing this.
Texxon1898 was concerned about Tyra’s behaviour and mug-throwing. I wish I could tell you different, but it’s not the first time that something like this has happened. We weren’t in the best of spots, and truth be told, it was a matter of time before the verbal fencing became physical. Currently, I have no idea where she is, or any of my friends. I’m really concerned that simply speaking about them might bring the void back. I have no idea who to ca
I’m back. Sorry about that. As I was writing earlier there was another bomb much closer to home, and the power went out. I had to leave my house mid-sentence and check what was going on, and it’s much worse that I thought. I’m leaving my mid-sentence, despite what every creative teacher has ever told me, as a stark reminder that things are happening almost as we speak.
It seems like the whole fabric of society is breaking down. The latest bomb wasn’t a terrorist thing, it was apparently some gang that has used the confusion to take control of a whole street. They apparently managed to steal a tank in the chaos, and they have set up barricades around a nearby church. With the police and military busy with the aftermath of the massacre, it was up to the neighbours to fight against the gang members, and it has apparently gone bad fast. I didn’t want to get involved, so I stayed far from the area, but even then I could see that there have set up some spikes with heads on them, Game of Thrones style.
As I was walking back to my place I decided to check what was happening on the other side, through Twitter. Of course, there were no mentions of any attacks or gangs, just a perfect happy world where everyone is smiling and the only things wrong with the world are crazed up billionaires who are so out of our influence sphere that it’s almost useless to care about them.
I took a picture with the rubble of some of the riots from the night before, and considered uploading it, just to see what would happen, and then the Void attacked again.
This time it was bigger, and I could feel the sudden rush of air and pressure. You know in scifi movies when someone blows a hole in the side of a ship in space? It was sort of like that, a feeling that everything was being sucked into the hole, into some empty vacuum.
It was only there for a second, but when it left there was a strange afterimage, like a part of the scenery was drawn by a different artist, if that makes any sense.
I ran back to my place. I feel like I’m risking everything by writing this, but at the same time, I feel an obligation to keep you informed. There’s also some peace of mind knowing that somewhere, somehow, everything is still normal.
Anyway, I’m writing this on my phone (so please excuse any typos), I have 3% battery left, and the power is still out. It might be awhile before I can speak with you again. I know I told you I would share a list of changes between my world and yours, but that will have to wait for part 4.
Thanks for all your comments and support; you are really making me feel better.
Edit: Part 4 is here
Edit 2: Part 5 and finale is here
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OW World Cup Quarter Finals viewing party in London?

Hi all, I'm looking for venues to go to watch the OW WC Quarterfinals this Friday in London.
So far I've found the Empire Casino at Leicester square. Here's their event: https://www.facebook.com/events/313477639465573/
I was wondering if anyone knows other options?
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[02/11/18] LoL WC Grand Final and Overwatch WC Quarter Finals Viewing Party At The Empire In London!

Hi all esports lovers :),
The Carlsberg Sports bar at the Empire at Leicester Square in London is holding viewing parties for the LoL World Championship and for the Overwatch World Cup this weekend. I thought it'd be good to share if anyone interested to go. I've been there on their TI8 Dota2 event and it was really good.
Here're the event links:
LoL WC Grand Final: https://www.facebook.com/events/577063499394863/
Overwatch World Cup Quarter Finals: https://www.facebook.com/events/313477639465573/
It's a Casino venue so 18s only.
See you there. ;) The more the merrier...!
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LoL WC Grand Final Viewing Party At The Empire In London!

Hi all fellow LoL fans :),
The Carlsberg Sports bar at the Empire at Leicester Square in London is holding a viewing party for the LoL World Championship Grand Final. I thought it'd be good to share if anyone interested to go. I've been there on their TI8 Dota2 event and it was really good.
Here's the event link:
LoL WC Grand Final: https://www.facebook.com/events/577063499394863/
It's a Casino venue so 18s only.
See you there. ;) The more the merrier...!
Oh yeah, almost forgot: GOOO FNATIC!!!!
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PUB CRAWL VIII - Everything to Everyone

Please everyone, just come along and get involved.
Right, we're pretty much sorted and what isn't sorted we can wing. I very much doubt I'll be able to move 50 people with ease so there's some flexibility in what people want to do.
Saturday May 28th 10:00 - 10:15 Meet a Holborn Underground Station (Central Line). Anybody turning up after this time is not eligible for a t-shirt! No exceptions!
10:15 - 11:45 Breakfast. If there's a lot of us we'll have to head to Shakespeare's Head Wetherspoons for brekkie. If just a few then there's a couple of eateries and patisseries on the way which look quite nice. An update will be posted on lsc once we see how many turn up.
12:00 - 15:30 Bowling & Karaoke! Meeting at All Star Lanes in Holborn (Victoria House, Bloomsbury Pl., WC1B 4DA). Please turn up for this on time as money cash has to be paid up front before we're allowed to bowl. There are still a few slots available for those just turning up so if you want to bowl but don't have your name down please still come along. Karaoke track list Also, if your name is here and you don't turn up and nobody else steps in to play, I will be chasing you for money.
15:45 - 17:00 The Princess Louise (208 High Holborn, WC1V 7EP) Reddit favourite and cheap booze we'll start here.
17:10 - 18:45 The Shakespeare's Head (64-68 Kingsway, WC2B 6AG) Again, reasonably cheap as it's a Wetherspoons. Critdragon's in charge of blagging us free drinks :D
19:00 - up to 02:00 Adventure Bar (20 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9HP) Cocktail bar in the middle of Covent Garden. You'll want to be on time for this ;)
19:30 - 22:00 Walkabout (11 Henrietta Street, WC2E 8PY) Champions League Final for those who are interested.
23:00 - up to 02:00 Club??? Does anybody want me to book a club? Option include: http://www.verve-bar.co.uk/saturdays_at_verve-4040-40466-event.html http://www.tamarai.co.uk/diamond-noir-saturday.html http://www.traffic.uk.com/index.php?id=73 The problem is that it's reasonably expensive to book a table in these places and unless people are willing to give me money cash upfront I'm not putting my card down for it.
Alternatively we could rock up to - http://www.roadhouse.co.uk/whats-coming-up.php - later on any try to get in.
02:30 - 12:00 Taxi to King's Cross EGG (200 York Way, Kings Cross, N7 9AP) If you're separated from the group at any point (different pubs etc) the meet up place is here. If you're planning on going I'd recommend getting a VIP ticket, it gets you 3 free drinks and access to the nice area :D EGG also seems to be open until 11am/midday on the 28th.
07:00 - 10:00 (This is a maybe, we may stay at the club) Taxi back to Leicester Square, Empire Casino (5-6 Leicester Square, WC2H 7NA)
NB: Weather looks okay for late at night. Guys, please wear shirts, shoes and decent jeans or trousers, it will help with getting into places. Ladies, please wear boobs, it will help with getting into places. We are not United States Army Rangers, if you do not get into somewhere we will leave you behind. It is your own responsibility for being presentable enough to get into places; this means both attire and sobriety level. In such a situation you will have to amuse yoursel(f/ves) until the next stop.
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What would an LSC Monopoly board look like?

You can get a custom monopoly board done, not cheap at £80. I've got no intention of getting one, but was curious as to what an LSC monopoly board would look like. e.g. replace Old Kent Road with Rockaoke @ The AAA.
Actually if this has massive interest we could hold a raffle. 16 people put in £5, draw the name out a hat at the next pub crawl, winner gets the board. This happened at another social club I erratically go to.
The streets from cheap to posh are :
Colour Traditional Property Name LSC Line 1 (13 char) LSC Line 2 (13 Char)
Brown Old Kent Road Yell Bryan
Brown Whitechapel Road Yell Horse
Station Kings Cross Station East London Pub Crawl
L. Blue The Angel Islington Pulling a Troller
L. Blue Euston Road Blessing [email protected]
L. Blue Pentonville Road
Purple Whitehall Crobar
Purple Pall Mall 12 Bar
Purple Northumberland Ave Empire Casino
Station Marylebone Station Shoreditch Pub Crawl
Orange Bow Street The Reddit House
Orange Marlborough Street lechef's Sauna
Orange Vine Street Sheree and Jess's House
Red Strand The Angel In The Field
Red Fleet Street Princess Louise
Red Trafalgar Square The Cock
Station Fenchurch St.Station Christmas Pub Crawl
Yellow Leicester Square Meat Liquor
Yellow Coventry Street Chipotle
Yellow Piccadilly Circus Bar Thingy
Green Regent Street Rockaoke
Green Oxford Street Rebel Bingo
Green Bond Street Button Down Disco
Station Liverpool St. Station 24 hour Pub Crawl
D. Blue Park Lane The World's End
D. Blue Mayfair Bar 55
EDIT I'm inserting names as they come up. Everything can be changed, just prompts a few more ideas hopefully.
No exclamation marks allowed. And no swear words. So not 100% certain "The Cock" will pass. Bryan and Horse don't work without an exclamation mark :(
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Top set on a soaking wet board (200NL live) - line check

After playing 50,000 hands of 10NL online and realising it was massively negative life EV compared to say learning a new programming language, going to the gym or reading a book, I deleted my online accounts and took to occasionally playing live poker. Every month or so that I'm in London on a weekend, I'll free up some time around my meetings, and play a few hours of £200NL.
My overall aims are to 1)become a profitable poker player overall (I'm currently not due to a past history of lots of cheap donkaments and not much success in ~50 $5-$10 MTTs on PS, despite being a profitable online cash player), and 2)to be able to turn a profit playing live cash, and hopefully build up a bankroll to be able to take an under-rolled stab at $500NL in Vegas this Summer.
In about five sessions so far I'm running down about £10 total, but I've only played for maybe 15 hours, and I have felt that the general standard of others is appalling (indeed, I could have been £200 down were it not for a fantastically-bad set of players in the London Vic last month, one of whom let me easily fold with QQ on a JJ6 flop - he min-raised me on the flop for the first time all night after flatting my open pre, and then flashed a J when I folded).
I'm taking a small-ball approach to cash games while I try to build my roll up. Having £100 on a poker table is a lot of money for me! I know it's not the "best" way to win at low stakes live these days, but I find that even just playing 15/10 I still get action whenever I have a strong hand.
Anyway, the hand itself: I'd sat down at the Empire in Leicester Square to play £200NL on a Saturday night. I started with £100, which I find is more than enough, as cash games tend to be fairly passive in England, with none of the "open to $19" aggression that I hear about in America.
After a few uneventful hours, which included having to (correctly) fold QQ and KK to massive donk bets on wet boards in multiway pots, a young Asian guy sat down. He immediately pulled £10,000 in chips out of his pocket, but was told that the maximum was £400. He seemed to not really care anyway though, spewing away stack after stack while buying everyone drinks, providing good banter, playing every hand to the river, and raising most pots pre-flop.
Prior to the Asian guy sitting down, I'd played quite a few hands, but since then I'd had a 30 minute run of unplayable cards, after which the Asian guy said "I haven't seen you play a hand yet! I guarantee if you play the next hand you'll at least have fun". Sadly I had played a hand since he'd been at the table - AA - while he was on a cigarette break. I won £16 by taking it down pre-flop, whereas I'd almost certainly have stacked him if he were at the table. The very next hand, this happens:
The Casino at the Empire, Leicester Square, London, UK - 9 players - £1/£2
BTN: £200
SB (Asian guy): £200
BB (calling station, massive loser): £300
UTG: £100
Hero (UTG+1): £97
UTG+2: £600
MP1: £50
MP2: £100
CO: £200
Pre Flop: (£3) Hero is UTG+1 with 9 9
1 fold, Hero raises to £7, 2 folds, CO calls £7, 1 fold, SB calls £7, BB calls £7
Flop: (£28) 9 8 7 (4 players)
SB bets £15, BB calls £15, Hero raises to £50, 1 fold, SB raises to £100, 1 fold, Hero calls £40 all in
I kind of felt trapped in this hand, as if I knew I was going to lose my stack but I still had to get all-in. SB's shove was particularly scary, because he picked up a tall pile of chips and pushed them into the middle - I'd only seen him do that once before, when he'd flopped the nuts.
Would you play this differently? I think I have to raise the flop to get bad OESDs and FDs to fold, but my raise prices me in to call his shove, even if I put him solely on a straight.
it's also worth noting that despite being criticised for being too tight seconds before, I still managed to get 4-way action from a UTG+1 open. Stay strong nits!
EDIT: fuck you all. I spend time making a good post and get hugely downvoted? Fuck off, /poker, you're all morons.
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[06/12/14] Empire Casino - Leicester Square

Event Info:
Date: 06/12/14
Time: 7pm (I may well be there earlielater depending on circumstances, but will keep everyone informed!)
Location: Empire Casino - Leicester Square
Anybody fancy a flutter at the roulette tables?
Maybe a dabble in a hand of cards or two?
Casinos are always good fun, and a great way to get to know people over table chatter. Don't go thinking you need to be a high earner to come join us, I'm only walking in with the amount I'm prepared to lose, and if I end up walking out up, then happy days!
I was thinking Casino then grab a bite to eat at the Asian restaurant on the top floor and then see where the wind takes us?
Who else would be interested in this?
I'm coming up from Tunbridge Wells by the way if anyone's coming up from that direction!
Any Redditors/Non-Redditors of any age (18+) are welcome to join, male or female!
This casino requires NO SIGNUP!
For obvious reasons and to comply with LSC's guidelines, anyone who attends must be 18+
Casino's website: http://www.thecasinolsq.com/
Asian Restaurant: http://www.thecasinolsq.com/restaurant-details/fulushou
Name: Josh B
Contact: 07592030266
Email: [email protected]
Please comment on this Reddit post if you are attending BEFORE texting/calling me.
If we could keep my phone number for use on the night that would be grand!
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Londoners of r/cricket - World Cup planning (redux)

So back in December I posted this link about rustling up fellow Londoner redditors to watch a few big games of the world cup:
There were some rumblings of interest, and I promised to do some research and report back. As expected sports bars like jetlag, walkabout won't stay open all night. The good news is, the Empire Casino (the Carlsberg sports bar) is showing all the matches, and its also open 24 hours!
In case you're wondering, the sports bar is in the -1 floor and separate from all the casino-y parts. I went for a wander to check it out and it is pretty decent. Good facilities, good services, light and roomy. You can wander in and out at your leisure and being Leicester Square its reasonably central and right on the northern and piccadilly lines.
So I'm resurrecting this thread to start casting about for numbers. The two games I would really love to see with a crowd are NZ vs. Australia in the pools, and the final (whoever its between). So maybe if you want to mention if you're interested for either, or feel free (as with the other thread) to post which games you did want to see for your particular countries to garner up interest for those.
I think regardless of whoever's up for pool/knockout matches, I thought maybe we could all get together for the final, and double it as an cricket london kind of event.
If I get some feel for numbers - maybe leave this up for a week or so - particularly for the final, and then I'll go back and speak to the guys at the Carlsberg and hopefully reserve some space if it hasn't already been booked out!
Ps. If you know non-redditors who want to go as well - add their numbers. More the merrier imo.
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Chinese state press condemns British as 'narcissistic barbarians'

Summary generated by cruyff8's autosummarizer of http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/chinese-paper-condemns-british-press-as-narcissistic-barbarians-over-queen-leaked-video-a7025516.html:
The British press is run by “reckless gossip fiends” and “barbarians” who blew the Queen's garden comments about the Chinese President's visit out of proportion, a Chinese newspaper has said.The idea that British authorities had deliberately leaked the video to undermine President Xi’s visit was “unthinkable” and would have been “truly rude and crude” Chinese diplomats have mocked British officials privately...but they are discreet The Global Times A common trait among Chinese media has been the tendency to attack Western journalists when China’s reputation is called into question.“Even among Western countries, Britain most frequently reveals its underwear and exposes itself” Queen Elizabeth II on a walk-about in Portsmouth during her Silver Jubilee tour of Great Britain, 1977 The future Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) pictured with her younger sister Princess Margaret (L) in 1933Later in that year with the death of her Grandfather and the Abdication of her Uncle Edward VIII she became first in line to the throne, 1936 Getty The coronation of King George VI in 1937, Elizabeth aged 10 became the heir apparent to the throne Getty Elizabeth and her sister arrive at Waterloo station to say goodbye to their parents as they leave to tour Canada. Getty The 13-year-old Elizabeth and her sister Margret address children who have been evacuated from the cities on BBC's 'The Chilrens Hour' She said "We are trying to do all we can to help our gallant sailors, soldiers and airmen, and we are trying, too, to bear our share of the danger and sadness of war.The pairing was incredibly controversial as Prince Phillip had no financial standing and he was foreign born, the prince of Denmark and Greece (though he served Britain in the war and was given British Citizenship), 1947 Getty Queen Elizabeth II (in coach) and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh are cheered by the crowd after their wedding ceremony, on 20 November 1947, on their road to Buckingham Palace, London Elizabeth smiles at her first child, a month old Prince Charles.It was the first ever coronation to be aired live on television, being one of the most watched events in history with millions gathering around their TV sets to see the new monarch Queen Elizabeth II standing next to her daughter Princess Anne, 1960 Getty President Eisenhower (centre) with the British Royal family (L-R) Prince Philip, Princess Anne, HM Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Captain John Eisenhower, at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, 1959 Getty Queen Elizabeth II as she turns to smile and talk to an unidentified officer, during the Trooping of the Colour by the First Battalion of the Jamaica Regiment at Up-Park Camp, Kingston, Jamaica, 1966 Queen Elizabeth II walking cross country at the North of Scotland Gun Dog Association Open Stake Retreiver Trials in the grounds of Balmoral Castle in 1967 Getty Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in London, a regular fixture in the royal calendar, 1971 Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh during their traditional summer break at Balmoral Castle.The monarch is responsible for introducing a new breed of dog known as the "dorgi" when her corgi Tiny was mated with a dachshund "sausage dog" called Pipkin which belonged to Princess Margaret, 1980 (L-R) the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Prince Harry and the Prince and Princess of Wales after the christening ceremony of Prince Harry, 1984 Queen Elizabeth II taking the salute of the Household Guards regiments during the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in London, 1985 Diana, Princess of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II as they smile to well-wishers outside Clarence House in London, 1987 Queen Elizabeth II, with Chief Instructor, Small Arms Corp LT Col George Harvey, firing the last shot on a standard SA 80 rifle when she attended the centenary of the Army Rifle Association at Bisley, 1993 South Africa's President Nelson Mandela greets Queen Elizabeth II as she steps from the royal yacht Britannia in Cape Town at the 1995's official start of the her first visit to the country since 1947 Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she visits Bowring Park in St. Queen Elizabeth rides her horse in the grounds of Windsor Castle, 2002 Queen Elizabeth arrives for the world premiere of James Bond movie "Casino Royale" at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square in London, 2006 Queen Elizabeth boards a scheduled train at Kings Cross station in London, 2009 Queen Elizabeth II planting a tree at Newmarket Animal Health Trust, during a royal visit which marked her 50th year as the charity's patron, 2009 Queen Elizabeth II talking with Pope Benedict XVI during an audience in the Morning Drawing Room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh during a four day visit by the Pope to the UK, 2010 Queen Elizabeth II visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2010 Queen Elizabeth II receives flowers from the crowd during her visit to Federation Square in downtown Melbourne, 2011 Queen Elizabeth watches a preview of her Christmas message wearing a pair of 3D glasses, studded with Swarovski crystals in the form of a "Q", at Buckingham Palace in central London, 2012 Members of Britain's royal family (front L to R) Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles cheer as competitors participate in a sack race at the Braemar Gathering in Braemar, Scotland, 2012 Britain's Prince Charles kisses the hand of his mother Queen Elizabeth at the end of her Diamond Jubilee concert in front of Buckingham Palace in London, 2012 Reuters Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge laughs as Queen Elizabeth gestures during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham, 2012 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attend a service for the Order of the British Empire at St Paul's Cathedral in London, 2012 Queen Elizabeth II meets young people during an official visit to The Shard building in central London, 2013 Actress Angelina Jolie is presented with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1844 Room at Buckingham Palace, London, 2014 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh visit the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red evolving art installation at the Tower of London, 2014 The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the State Opening of Parliament, 2015 AFP/Getty (L-R) Britain's Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge holding his son Prince George of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry (back), Prince Andrew, Duke of York (back), James, Viscount Severn (front), Princess Beatrice of York (back), Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Eugenie of York (back) stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace waiting to view the fly-past during the Queen's Birthday Parade, 'Trooping the Colour,' in London, 2015Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, 2015 AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool Queen Elizabeth II arrives at the Broadway Theatre in Barking, 2015 Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images During the recorded comments the Queen was overheard commiserating with a police commander for her “bad luck” in being tasked with overseeing security for President Xi.
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